ATLASSIAN Project Administration in Jira Server - ACP-600 Exam Practice Test

A user approaches you with a problem.
She cannot see or edit the Priority system field on any of the screens of a Process Management project.
What explains the problem?

Correct Answer: C
Max and Emma both have Jira Software application access, and they are members of the same groups and project roles in the DEV project.
However, Max can rank issues on the project's Kanban board, while Emma cannot.
Which configuration will definitely explain the observed behavior?

Correct Answer: A
How do you configure the default unit for time tracking (minute, hour, day, week) in Jira?

Correct Answer: A
Fixing a single bug requires the involvement of three teams: Designers, Developers and Testers.
Currently, all the fields that are needed by each of the three teams are together on a single project screen. As a project administrator, how can you help the teams to easily identify the fields they need?

Correct Answer: B
The Jira administrator has just created a new project based on the Task management project template.
Which Jira feature will be available in this project by default?

Correct Answer: A
Analyze the workflow scheme for the SSP project shown below:

Which change would require an update to the workflow scheme?

Correct Answer: B
You are helping a manager to translate business requirements into a Jira project configuration.
The manager wants users to indicate which systems are impacted by a bug.
You are unsure if systems should be configured as components or as a custom field.
Select two situations in which components must definitely be used rather than a custom field. (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: A,B

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