IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/ Canada (CIPP/C) - CIPP-C Exam Practice Test

What obligation does a data controller or processor have after appointing a data protection officer?

Correct Answer: A
What is the key difference between the European Council and the Council of the European Union?

Correct Answer: B
Please use the following to answer the next question:
You have just been hired by a toy manufacturer based in Hong Kong. The company sells a broad range of dolls, action figures and plush toys that can be found internationally in a wide variety of retail stores. Although the manufacturer has no offices outside Hong Kong and in fact does not employ any staff outside Hong Kong, it has entered into a number of local distribution contracts. The toys produced by the company can be found in all popular toy stores throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. A large portion of the company's revenue is due to international sales.
The company now wishes to launch a new range of connected toys, ones that can talk and interact with children. The CEO of the company is touting these toys as the next big thing, due to the increased possibilities offered: The figures can answer children's Questions: on various subjects, such as mathematical calculations or the weather. Each figure is equipped with a microphone and speaker and can connect to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Any mobile device within a 10-meter radius can connect to the toys via Bluetooth as well.
The figures can also be associated with other figures (from the same manufacturer) and interact with each other for an enhanced play experience.
When a child asks the toy a QUESTION, the request is sent to the cloud for analysis, and the answer is generated on cloud servers and sent back to the figure. The answer is given through the figure's integrated speakers, making it appear as though that the toy is actually responding to the child's QUESTION. The packaging of the toy does not provide technical details on how this works, nor does it mention that this feature requires an internet connection. The necessary data processing for this has been outsourced to a data center located in South Africa. However, your company has not yet revised its consumer-facing privacy policy to indicate this.
In parallel, the company is planning to introduce a new range of game systems through which consumers can play the characters they acquire in the course of playing the game. The system will come bundled with a portal that includes a Near-Field Communications (NFC) reader. This device will read an RFID tag in the action figure, making the figure come to life onscreen. Each character has its own stock features and abilities, but it is also possible to earn additional ones by accomplishing game goals. The only information stored in the tag relates to the figures' abilities. It is easy to switch characters during the game, and it is possible to bring the figure to locations outside of the home and have the character's abilities remain intact.
In light of the requirements of Article 32 of the GDPR (related to the Security of Processing), which practice should the company institute?

Correct Answer: C
Which is TRUE about the scope and authority of data protection oversight authorities?

Correct Answer: B
What is a reason the European Court of Justice declared the Data Retention Directive invalid in 2014?

Correct Answer: C
Tom looked forward to starting his new position with a U.S -based automobile leasing company (New Company), now operating in 32 states. New Company was recently formed through the merger of two prominent players, one from the eastern region (East Company) and one from the western region (West Company). Tom, a Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT), is New Company's first Information Privacy and Security Officer. He met today with Dick from East Company, and Harry, from West Company.
Dick and Harry are veteran senior information privacy and security professionals at their respective companies, and continue to lead the east and west divisions of New Company. The purpose of the meeting was to conduct a SWOT (strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats) analysis for New Company. Their SWOT analysis conclusions are summarized below.
Dick was enthusiastic about an opportunity for the New Company to reduce costs and increase computing power and flexibility through cloud services. East Company had been contemplating moving to the cloud, but West Company already had a vendor that was providing it with software-as-a-service (SaaS). Dick was looking forward to extending this service to the eastern region. Harry noted that this was a threat as well, because West Company had to rely on the third party to protect its data.
Tom mentioned that neither of the legacy companies had sufficient data storage space to meet the projected growth of New Company, which he saw as a weakness. Tom stated that one of the team's first projects would be to construct a consolidated New Company data warehouse. Tom would personally lead this project and would be held accountable if information was modified during transmission to or during storage in the new data warehouse.
Tom, Dick and Harry agreed that employee network access could be considered both a strength and a weakness. East Company and West Company had strong performance records in this regard; both had robust network access controls that were working as designed. However, during a projected year-long transition period, New Company employees would need to be able to connect to a New Company network while retaining access to the East Company and West Company networks.
Which statement is correct about addressing New Company stakeholders' expectations for privacy?

Correct Answer: D
Please use the following to answer the next question:
Cheryl is the sole owner of Fitness Coach, Inc., a medium-sized company that helps individuals realize their physical fitness goals through classes, individual instruction, and access to an extensive indoor gym. She has owned the company for ten years and has always been concerned about protecting customer's privacy while maintaining the highest level of service. She is proud that she has built long-lasting customer relationships.
Although Cheryl and her staff have tried to make privacy protection a priority, the company has no formal privacy policy. So Cheryl hired Janice, a privacy professional, to help her develop one.
After an initial assessment, Janice created a first of a new policy. Cheryl read through the draft and was concerned about the many changes the policy would bring throughout the company. For example, the draft policy stipulates that a customer's personal information can only be held for one year after paying for a service such as a session with personal trainer. It also promises that customer information will not be shared with third parties without the written consent of the customer. The wording of these rules worry Cheryl since stored personal information often helps her company to serve her customers, even if there are long pauses between their visits. In addition, there are some third parties that provide crucial services, such as aerobics instructors who teach classes on a contract basis. Having access to customer files and understanding the fitness levels of their students helps instructors to organize their classes.
Janice understood Cheryl's concerns and was already formulating some ideas for revision. She tried to put Cheryl at ease by pointing out that customer data can still be kept, but that it should be classified according to levels of sensitivity. However, Cheryl was skeptical. It seemed that classifying data and treating each type differently would cause undue difficulties in the company's day-to-day operations. Cheryl wants one simple data storage and access system that any employee can access if needed.
Even though the privacy policy was only a draft, she was beginning to see that changes within her company were going to be necessary. She told Janice that she would be more comfortable with implementing the new policy gradually over a period of several months, one department at a time. She was also interested in a layered approach by creating documents listing applicable parts of the new policy for each department.
What is the main problem with Cheryl's suggested method of communicating the new privacy policy?

Correct Answer: C
What is one reason the European Union has enacted more comprehensive privacy laws than the United States?

Correct Answer: C
An organization is establishing a mission statement for its privacy program. Which of the following statements would be the best to use?

Correct Answer: D
A Spanish electricity customer calls her local supplier with Questions: about the company's upcoming merger.
Specifically, the customer wants to know the recipients to whom her personal data will be disclosed once the merger is final. According to Article 13 of the GDPR, what must the company do before providing the customer with the requested information?

Correct Answer: B

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