Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam (WI21) - Education-Cloud-Consultant Exam Practice Test

A help desk at a large university wants to track and measure average resolution times and escalations associated with student requests for password resets.
Which solution should a consultant recommend?

Correct Answer: D
Career Services uses a separate event management system for its employment events attendance and registration, and Marketing cloud to promote the event. It wants to integrate student data in Salesforce to identity engaged prospects by matching them with event attendance, career interest, and credit completion towards an academic major.
Which two integration directions should the consultant recommend?
Choose 2 answers.

Correct Answer: A,B
The director of graduate recruitment is interested in Education Cloud. Recruitment staff need to access Opportunity and Campaign Member information about students. The IT director is concerned about cost and suggests using other license types for recruitment users.
What should the consultant discuss with the client?

Correct Answer: C
A university dean wants to refer students for summer engineering internships and requests a list of people who earned high final scores in the Intro to Civil Engineering class.
Which objects should the consultant include in the report?

Correct Answer: A
The Law school's dean, recruitment director, and end users want to implement Salesforce so they can have a central, shared reporting system of engagement for recruitment and admission processes and raise enrollment by 10%. The Law school plans to grow and expand its use of Salesforce to other departments in the future; however, the IT department can only support system integration.
What should the consultant discuss first with the school?

Correct Answer: C
Career Services wants to import internship information from a spreadsheet into Salesforce. Student contact and educational information is populated from the Student Information System (SIS) to Salesforce. The spreadsheet has a list of interns, their student ID numbers, their email addresses, company phone numbers, company names, and start and end dates.
Which external ID should the consultant recommend to match spreadsheet information with the Salesforce Contact record?

Correct Answer: A
The VP of Development is preparing to visit the university's top supporters. The VP wants to maximize travel time by prioritizing pledges. that are most likely to close.
Which reporting solution should the consultant recommend?

Correct Answer: D
A consultant needs to migrate information from a university's legacy system and reference the corresponding Education Data Architecture (EDA) objects and fields in Salesforce.
What should the consultant reference to complete this task?

Correct Answer: A

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