Huawei Certified Pre-sales Associate - Data Center Facility - H19-311-ENU Exam Practice Test

The maximum output power of the UPS5000-E (25-75 kVA) bypass module is 128 kW.

Correct Answer: B
The UPS5000-E (50 kVA power module) covens only a small floor area of (), which saves the space in the equipment room.

Correct Answer: D
The pipe routing method for the Fusion Module800 is ().

Correct Answer: C
According which of the following statements can you determine that the battery is faulty? (Multiple Choice)

Correct Answer: A,B,D
The UPS5000-E can keep a high efficiency and reduce loss within a wide load range. The efficiency can be up to 96% at 40% loads and 95% at 20% loads respectively.
What's the efficiency under ECO mode?

Correct Answer: B
Which of the following components is optional for the UPS5000-E (25-75 kVA)? (Multiple Choice)

Correct Answer: A,B,C,D
For 80 kW IT loads, configuring an 80 kVA UPS can meet the basic requirements.

Correct Answer: A
Are the air conditioners of the Fusion Module800 connected to the back end of UPSs? ()

Correct Answer: A
The Fusion Module500 adopts free cooling.

Correct Answer: B
The optional components and features in the typical configuration solution of the Fusion Module800 include ().

Correct Answer: B
In the SCT configurator, you can dick the question mark (?) to view the parameter's help information.

Correct Answer: B
The maximum power of the IT cabinets used by the Fusion Module800 is ().

Correct Answer: D

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