Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer-Core (NCSE-Core) - NCSE-Core Exam Practice Test

What is the main function of Oplog?

Correct Answer: D
A customer asks for a quote for a hybrid cluster to run general purpose VMs and an ERP application. The customer has a VSAN ReadyNode quote already and is looking for a comparable Nutanix solution. They share the following bill of materials
* 3 Hosts
* 2x E5-2640v4 CPUs
* 512GB RAM
* 1 x 480GB SSD
* 2 x 8TB HDD
* 2 x 1GB NIC
What are two reasons to avoid sizing to match a competitor's bill of materials? (Choose two)

Correct Answer: A,C
In the event of a primary datacenter failure, a customer wants to power on virtual machines in a secondary datacenter with an RPO and RTO of no more than 15 minutes. Upon further discussions with the customer, the systems engineer (SE) finds that round trip latency between the 2 sites can reach up to 6ms.
Which Nutanix feature should the SE recommend?

Correct Answer: C
A healthcare prospect looking to refresh their infrastructure with Nutanix has an initiative to migrate 5 petabytes of unstructured, archived patient data.
Which Nutanix product should be the focus of the discussion?

Correct Answer: C
An It Manager is struggling to keep up with the ever-increasing demands from the business to provide services more quickdy. The main problem relates to the existing architecture and a mix of vendors who are slow to release updates to their products Which core facet of WebScale architecture should the Nutanix systems engineer discuss?

Correct Answer: D
A prospective customer's migration to their new SAN started six months ago and is still not complete. The VP of IT states the previous migration to the existing SAN took almost eight months to complete.
How should the systems engineer describe Nutanix hardware refreshes to this prospective customer?

Correct Answer: B
Whthin an RVtools output, which tab provides actual utilization information on thick provisioned disks?

Correct Answer: A
A VP of Applications at a prospective customer is working to transform IT from a cost center to a business enabler. In order to address this initiative the VP has identified the following areas for improvement
* Increased time and expenses related to meeting business deliverables
* Missed market opportunity due to slow IT response time
* Shadow It increases risk of security breaches and brand damage
* Unplanned spend on public cloud services (AWS)
What two key benefits should the SE review to address the customer's challenges? (Choose two)

Correct Answer: C,D

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