Tibco TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8 Certification Exam - TCP-EMS8 Exam Practice Test

A manufacturer expose a Web Service to its customers, allowing them to securely place orders. The manufacturer requires that only known parties use the interface. How is the customer. How is the customer's identity established?
Options are :

Correct Answer: A
A service had an inbound SOAP/HTTP binding. There is no external load balancer available. The Invocation overhead under extremely high load volumes causes requests to queue for dispatch. What is the recommended way to improve request dispatch concurrency?
Options are :

Correct Answer: B
Which two parameters apply to mstore only? (Choose two.)
Options are :

Correct Answer: A,B
Which two notations are appropriate information model representations? ( Choose two.) Options are :

Correct Answer: B,D
Which four commands grant the user Bob permission to view topic topic, sample? (Choose four.) Options are :

Correct Answer: A,B,D,F
Which two objects are referred to as EMS administered objects?
Options are :

Correct Answer: A,D
Which two statements are true about the transactional abilities of TIBCO EMS? (Choose two.) Options are :

Correct Answer: B,D
Atopic sales, topic is bridged to two queues: FINANCE.Q and AUDIT.Q. Ten messages are sent on the topic SALES.TOPIC. A consumer reads ten messages from FINANCE.Q.
How many messages are now in the AUDIT.Q?
Options are :

Correct Answer: D
Which two should be considered when deciding the number of versions to maintain of a particular service?
(Choose two.)
Options are :

Correct Answer: B,C
An EMS server and client are receiving heartbeats. Given the following EMS server settings:
? client_timeout_server_connection = 20 seconds
? server_timeout_client_connection = 10 seconds
What are two possible outcomes? (Choose two.)
Options are :

Correct Answer: A,B

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