Veritas Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3 - VCS-324 Exam Practice Test

What are two benefits of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3 for Exchange? (Select two.)

Correct Answer: D,E
An administrator is using quota based archiving and has to wait until archived items have been backed up before storage in Exchange is reduced.
Which option should the administrator select to reduce the time after archiving for shortcut creation while maintaining the secure backup option?

Correct Answer: A
A user has mistakenly deleted several items from the mailbox archive. The default site setting "Enable recovery of user deleted items" is selected and set to 14 days. The Enterprise Vault administrator recover the items.
What is the result of this action?

Correct Answer: D
Enable recovery of user deleted items is enabled for an Enterprise Vault site and permanent deletion is set to the default of 14 days.
Which two statements apply for the first 14 days after a user deletes an item? (Select two.)

Correct Answer: A,C
Which two configurations are valid options for Microsoft Clustering in an Enterprise Vault environment?
(Select two.)

Correct Answer: A,C
A Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3 for Exchange (EV) administrator is performing an EV disaster recovery. The administrator has successfully restored the EV Directory database. Which additional components must be recovered to the same point in time to ensure a successful recovery?

Correct Answer: B
Which steps must an administrator take when moving the Vault Service Account Temp folder to another disk?

Correct Answer: A
An administrator has Site Properties set to allow user deletion.
Which steps must the administrator perform to make the Delete operation available to users in Enterprise Vault Search?

Correct Answer: B,C
A user is attempting to use Enterprise Vault Search but receives the following error message:

Which Enterprise Vault service needs to be started.

Correct Answer: C
Users who are disabled for Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3 complain that they see the Enterprise Vault Office Mail App in OWA 2013.
What is the possible reason?

Correct Answer: B

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