Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer - Integration-Architecture-Designer Exam Practice Test

A conglomerate is designing a Lightning Web Component (LWC) to display transactions aggregated from different sources. Their current system landscape is as follows:
1. Transactions are created at any time through their various on-premise and cloud-based systems.
2. All necessary transactions are replicated to a custom Transaction object in Salesforce. It is updated periodically so it only has a subset of the necessary transactions between updates.
3. Middleware supports publish-subscribe interactions and provides RESTful Enterprise APIs that can retrieve transactions from on-premise and cloud-based systems.
The company wants to address a usability concern regarding incomplete data displayed on the LWC component. What should the Integration Architect specify so the LWC will be able to display all the required transactions?

Correct Answer: C
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) uses Salesforce to track leads, opportunities and order details that convert leads to customers. However, Orders are managed by an external (remote) system. Sales representatives want to view and update real-time order information in Salesforce. NTO wants the data to only persist in the external system.
Which type of Integration should an architect recommend to meet this business requirement?

Correct Answer: C
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Customer is evaluating Platform Events solution and would like help in comparing/contrasting it with Outbound Message for a real-time / near-real time needs. They expect 3,000 consumers of messages from Salesforce.
Which three considerations should be evaluated and highlighted when deciding between the solutions?
Choose 3 answers

Correct Answer: A,B,D
Explanation: (Only visible to Fast2test members)
A company that is a leading provider of training delivers courses to students globally. The company decided to use customer community in order to allow studer to log in to the community, register for courses and pay course fees. The company has a payment gateway that takes more than 30 seconds to process the payn transaction. Students would like to get the payment result in real-time so in case an error happens, the students can retry the payment process.
What is the recommended integration approach to process payments based on this requirement?

Correct Answer: B
The director of customer service at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to capture and trend specific business events that occur in Salesforce in real time. The metrics will be accessed in an ad-hoc manner using an external analytics system. The events that are of interest are:
A customer has initiated a product exchange via a Case A customer service rep clicks on the "Authorize Exchange Product" menu item on the Case A customer has initiated a subscription cancellation via a Case A customer service rep clicks on the "Initiate Refund" menu item on the Case Which two solutions will meet these business requirements?
Choose 2 answers

Correct Answer: A,C
A healthcare services company maintains a Patient Prescriptions System that has 50+ million records in a secure database. Their customer base and data set growing rapidly. They want to make sure that the following policies are enforced:
1. Identifiable patient prescriptions must exist only in their secure system's databaseand encrypted at rest.
2. Identifiable patient prescriptions must be made available only to people explicit authorized in the Patient Prescriptions System assigned nurses anddoctors, patient, and people explicitly the patient may authorize.
3. Must be available only to verified and pre-approved people or legal entities.
To enable this, the company provides the following capabilities:
1. One-time use identity tokens for patients, nurses, doctors, and other people that expire within a few minutes.
2. Certificates for legal entities.
. RESTful services.
The company has a Salesforce Community Cloud portal for patients, nurses, doctors, and other authorized people. A limited number of employees analyze de identified data in Einstein Analytics.
Which two capabilities should the integration architect require for the Community Cloud portal and Einstein Analytics?
Choose 2 answers

Correct Answer: B,C
Universal Containers is a global financial company that sells financial products and services.
There is a daily scheduled Batch Apex job that generates invoice from a given set of orders.
UC requested building a resilient integration for this batch apex job in case the invoice generation fails.
What should an integration architect recommend to fulfill the requirement?

Correct Answer: B
Northern Trail Outfitters is in the final stages of merging two Salesforce orgs but needs to keep the retiring org available for a short period of time for lead management as it is connected to multiple public web site forms.
The sales department has requested that new leads are available in the new Salesforce instan within 30 minutes.
Which two approaches will require the least amount of development effort?
Choose 2 answers

Correct Answer: B,C
A company has an external system that processes and tracks orders. Sales reps manage their leads and opportunity pipeline in Salesforce. In the current state, the two systems are disconnected and processing orders requires a lot of manual entry on sales rep part. This creates delays in processing orders and incomplete data due to manual entry.
As a part of modernization efforts the company decided to integrate Salesforce and the order management system. The following technical requirements were identified:
1. Orders need to be created in real time from salesforce
2. Minimal customization*, and code should be written due to a tight timeline and lack of developer resources
3. Sales reps need to be able to see order history and be able to see most up to date information on current order status.
4. Managers need to be able to run reports in Salesforce to see daily and monthly order volumes and fulfillment timelines.
5. The legacy system is hosted on premise and is currently connected to the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The ESB is flexible enough to provide any methods and connection types needed by salesforce team.
6. There are 1000 sales reps. Each user processes/creates on average 15 orders per shift. Most of the orders contain 20-30 line items.
How should an integration architect integrate the two systems based on the technical requirements and system constraints?

Correct Answer: C
An Integration Architect has built a solution using REST API, updating Account, Contact, and other related information. The data volumes have increased, resulting in higher API calls consumed, and some days the limits are exceeded. A decision was made to decrease the number of API calls using bulk updates. The customer prefers to continue using REST API to avoid architecture changes.
Which REST API composite resources should the Integration Architect use to allow up to 200 records in one API call?

Correct Answer: C
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