MuleSoft Certified Platform Architect - Level 1 - MCPA-Level-1 Exam Practice Test

When using CloudHub with the Shared Load Balancer, what is managed EXCLUSIVELY by the API implementation (the Mule application) and NOT by Anypoint Platform?

Correct Answer: D
A new upstream API Is being designed to offer an SLA of 500 ms median and 800 ms maximum (99th percentile) response time. The corresponding API implementation needs to sequentially invoke 3 downstream APIs of very similar complexity.
The first of these downstream APIs offers the following SLA for its response time: median: 100 ms, 80th percentile: 500 ms, 95th percentile: 1000 ms.
If possible, how can a timeout be set in the upstream API for the invocation of the first downstream API to meet the new upstream API's desired SLA?

Correct Answer: A
An API implementation is updated. When must the RAML definition of the API also be updated?

Correct Answer: D
What is most likely NOT a characteristic of an integration test for a REST API implementation?

Correct Answer: D
An organization is implementing a Quote of the Day API that caches today's quote.
What scenario can use the GoudHub Object Store via the Object Store connector to persist the cache's state?

Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit.

what is true when using customer-hosted Mule runtimes with the MuleSoft-hosted Anypoint Platform control plane (hybrid deployment)?

Correct Answer: B

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