VMware Certified Advanced Professional 7 - Cloud Management and Automation Design Exam - 3V0-732 Exam Practice Test

The architect for a vRealize Automation project met with the IT team and identified the following requirements:
1. Fine grained logging and monitoring of all events
2. 99.99% SLA of the custom portal
3. Utilize built-in functionality
4. HIPAA Compliance
5. API calls to vRA and NSX
6. Custom Portal
To which two infrastructure qualities would the 'Fine grained logging and monitoring of all events' technical requirement map?

Correct Answer: C,D
A new vSphere cluster has been added to a production environment. The architect has been tasked with managing this cluster from vRealize Automation .
Which two methods could be used to begin consuming this new cluster for all future deployments? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: C,D
An architect is tasked with designing a solution for a database as a service (DBaaS) for SQL Server in a vRealize Automation (vRA) private cloud.
The following requirements have been ident1fied:
* The SQL server u ser a ccounts a n d p asswords should be obt ained dynamically from t hird- party account and passwor d management systems before the SQL server installation s t arts during p r e - install script execut ion.
* The accoun t and p assword management systems only provide integration using PowerShell .
* After the p re-install script execution , system reboot is required.
* *Corporate security does NOT want passwords exposed during automation steps.
Which design solution meet s these r equirements?

Correct Answer: B
Which are three considerations to take into account when designing a fabric group? (Choose three.)

Correct Answer: C,D,E
An emerging software start-up company is growing rapidly. The Engineering department is looking to quickly scale its testing environment into the cloud.
The vRealize Automation architect has been tasked with recommending the appropriate user role for a newlyformed integration team to integrate VMware vCloud Air into the Engineering Tenant.
What is the minimum user role that must be granted to the integration team?

Correct Answer: C
An architect was tasked with providing a temporary vRealize Automation instance for a test environment that includes a single vRealize Automation appliance and an IaaS server that includes a SQL database instance.
After testing is complete, the architect is tasked to convert the existing instance into a distributed, load-balanced instance to be used for production. Which design solution would best address this request?

Correct Answer: A
When considering over- provisioning storage within a vRealize Automation reservation, which two statements are true?
(Choose two.)

Correct Answer: C,D
A company has the full VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) stack deployed and is now considering Amazon Web Services (EC2). The vRealize Automation (vRA) architect needs to integrate an Amazon test account to perform testing.
What should the architect do to move forward with the initiative?

Correct Answer: A
An architect is tasked with designing a multi-region Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) deployment. The operations team has mandated that the solution enable real-time logging for all automation components. The architect makes a design decision to use a vRealize Log Insight cluster in each region, consisting of a total of three nodes.
Which three data sources are required to be in scope? (Choose three.)

Correct Answer: A,B,E

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