Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam - Marketing-Cloud-Administrator Exam Practice Test

NTO wants to format links for consumption by Google Analytics 360. NTO wants to make sure they do not have any data which could be considered Personally Identifiable information (PII) within their links.
Which three values could be used as personalization strings in query string parameters?
Choose 3 answers

Correct Answer: B,C,E
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is concerned about unauthorized API access to their Marketing Cloud account.
Which feature would NTO enable to assist in reducing threats from malicious API attacks?

Correct Answer: A
How are publication lists used in the Marketing Cloud?

Correct Answer: B
What functionality is contained in Journey Builder that does not exist in Automation Studio?

Correct Answer: D
A Marketing Cloud admin wants to create a suppression list for hard-bounced email addresses Where could the details be found?

Correct Answer: D
A Marketing Cloud admin is asked to add a set of four tracking parameters automatically to all the links in an email sent via email studio.
Which solution should the admin suggest?

Correct Answer: D
Northern Trail Outfitters has Marketing Cloud users who need data extension View and Update permissions for campaigns related to B3C sales, out not any permissions for campaigns related to B2B sales.
How should they accomplish this?

Correct Answer: D
An email manager was anticipating a test email to arrive in their inbox.
Where in Email Studio should the Marketing Cloud admin look to determine if the test deployed?

Correct Answer: D
What are two possible outcomes when "Send as Multipart MIME" is selected during the send process? Choose 2 answers

Correct Answer: A,B
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has the Discover Reporting Tool.
Which two report types could help NTO drive their mobile adoption strategy?
Choose 2 answers

Correct Answer: B,D

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